Jonathan Berlinguette's Certifications


Au Maitre Chien Inc.
Certifies that: Jonathan Berlinguette Vallée, successfully completed advanced scissor cutting training as of July 3, 2019

This certificate is attributed to Jonathan Berlinguette, for having attended an Asian Cup demonstration on May 16, 2016. Patricia Parsons
The Niche

Chic N Swell /OPAWZ
Theoretical & practical workshop on the Aeropgraph was successfully attended by: Jonathan Berlinguette Vallée

Au Maitre Chien inc, certifies that: Jonathan Berlinguette Vallée has successfully completed continuous training in scissor cutting

February 25, 2020

Asian Styles 4th place is hereby awarded to : Jonathan Berlinguette Presented this 14th of October 2017 at Care Grooms Inaugural show in Laval, Quebec
Olga Zabelinskaya NCMG Judge
Nancy Bryson IPG CG Chief ring steward
Terri Hotchkiss NCMP Ring Steward-Apprentice judge


We certify that: Jonathan Berlinguette Vallée followed a theoretical and practical training of 6 hours in canine coloring. Done at Mascouche on February 16, 2017. Linda Jomphe

Certificate of Excellence
Dog and cat aesthetic presented by, MEF-Formation, to Jonathan Berlinguette. Practical training in dog and cat aesthetics as part of the enhanced business launch program offered in partnership with the Marguerite-Bourgeoys school board and MEF-Formation This February 1, 2015.